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The Selection Procedure for Government School Teachers

October 9, 2017

Careers Employment

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The words on every aspiring teacher’s lips are the Central Teacher Eligibility Test, the CTET.

The reason is that the Government of India has made this test mandatory for recruitment into government-run and aided schools. Many schools run by state governments and private schools also insist on CTET certification.

Let’s take a quick look at how to become a government schoolteacher.

Degrees in Teaching

Teaching degrees are of three levels:

Diplomas- minimum requirement for primary school teachers.

Bachelors- which is a minimum for secondary school teachers.

Masters- required for specialised subjects and promotions.

Whatever the qualification in education, the CTET ranking is, however, a compulsory requirement.

Which Teacher’s shoes do you want to step into?

Trained Graduate Teachers, TGTs, must be graduates with either a diploma or a degree in teaching/education. They are eligible to teach junior classes.

Post Graduate Teachers, PGTs, have a Master’s degree in the concerned or related subjects that they want to teach, plus a B.Ed or equivalent.

Many states also conduct the Primary Teacher (PRT) examinations. Candidates should have passed SSC or its equivalent with 50% aggregate marks. They should be proficient in both Hindi as well as English. They should also hold a Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.) or Diploma in Education(D.Ed.). The PRT is considered for recruitment of teachers in state government schools as well as by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan(KVS- Central Schools)

50% aggregate marks in 10+2, graduation or post-graduation are required.

CTET ranking is compulsory for EVERY one of the above recruitments.

The importance of CTET

The central and state governments in India acknowledge the importance of education. The progressive education of the student, the citizen-to-be, is one of the mainstays of developing our country.

States may conduct a Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) of their own or use the CTET certification.

The CTET aims to bring quality into teaching and teaching institutions and believes that the way to do this is to have qualified teachers. Read up on the eligibility criteria to write the CTET here.

An important point to note is that the CTET ranking is eligible for seven years and an aspirant can appear for the test any number of times.

The CTET Examination pattern

If you need in-depth information about the CTET examinations, the time given to answer and the pattern, just click here.

We have to stress that the CTET is a moderately difficult test. The difficulty lies in the vast number of candidates who compete, and the speed required for completing the different sections of the test. Concentrating for the duration of the two and a half hours of the CTET is not easy either!

How do you ensure that you pass the CTET and that too with a high rank? Take the help of professionals who are the best guides to see you through to success.

What happens after the CTET?

Vacancies for teachers in state or central government schools arise from time to time.

The number of vacancies depends on many factors. The retirement of existing teachers, the opening of new schools, up-gradation of existing institutions, as well as the educational policies of the governments in charge.

After candidates appear for the CTET or the TET, they will receive their rank card. This ranking, as we have pointed out earlier, is valid for seven years from the date of issue. The higher the rank, the better are the chances of getting a teacher’s job in a government school.

Aspirants have to, then, look out for notifications of vacancies for posts of government teachers. In these days of the internet, there are many sites where these notifications are visible. Leading newspapers and employment gazettes also carry them.

Candidates will have to apply in the prescribed format. They will then be called for an interview.

The interview covers subject matter, teaching skills, and interpersonal skills. A confident and polite manner will help a candidate’s performance-rating in the interview.

After a successful interview, the candidate will be given an employment letter. This is the green flag for the teacher in a government school to launch a satisfying and fulfilling career.

Teachers don’t just educate students: they mould a nation and determine the path that it takes. That is why it is important to set the standards for teachers and teaching.

Tips to Hire The Best Freelance Graphic Designer For Your Project

October 9, 2017

Careers Employment

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High quality graphic design is very important for businesses as it helps in conveying ideas to people in a beautiful way. As an entrepreneur, you might want a great logo and would also expect other designs to instantly connect with the audience. This makes hiring the best freelance graphic designer the most important task.

If you don’t know much about the design industry, finding the right graphic designer can be quite a difficult task. To make things easy for you, here are a few tips that will help you get the best graphic designer onboard.

Understand the Skills Needed

Before you start hunting for the right graphic designer, get yourself acquainted with the design world and know what skills are necessary for your design project before reviewing proposals. Which design software do you require? Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Illustrator, Visual Studio or anything else specifically? Having these identified upfront will help you while interviewing graphic designers.

Have Clearly Defined Objectives and Goals

A graphic designer would be able to give his/her best only when you give enough background information about the design project. The creative brief should include specific qualifications you are looking for, the objectives of the project and details about your company.

Sharing some insider knowledge, such as potential obstacles and deadlines in your graphic design job description will ensure the graphic designer has a good understanding of the design project and the challenges associated with it.

Analyze Artistic Sensibility of Graphic Designers

No two design projects are same, hence the potential candidates should be able to think on their feet and come up with creative ideas. You can find out about the artistic sensibility of the candidate by asking some unusual question during the interview process. For example, you can show a competitor’s design piece to the potential candidate and ask the designer what he/she could have done differently.

The answer to such questions will give you an insight about the candidate’s abilities and the way the candidate delivers the answer about their creative thinking process.

Look for Relevant Industry Experience

It is good to have a graphic designer with relevant industry experience. It decreases the learning curve and the potential candidate can gain information about your business faster and make the project a success. It also means the potential candidate has an idea about your ideal customers and knows what types of design and typography is needed to connect with them.

Consider a Trial Project First

The best way to narrow down choices is letting the potential candidates to work on a small trial project first that can be completed within a few days. The trial project can be anything like touching up an earlier project or re-imagining a logo. It need not be a difficult as long as the potential candidates have opportunities to showcase their talent.

The above tips will help you know more about the freelance graphic designer that his/her resume might not tell you. You need to understand that there is more to the right graphic designer than a specific skill set. So the more inquisitive you are during interviewing, the closer you come to selecting the best graphic designer for your project.