The 5 Rules of Socks And How Learn More

November 25, 2017


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Choose the Right Socks to Eliminate Foot Problems

On the web, you will find hundreds of suggestions on how to stop foot odor. People are different, and although these techniques work, they will not be the same for everyone. You may have tried several of them, and some may have worked while others may have not. Some of them may be time-consuming for you, and you may not have so much free time to try them out. Before trying out all these methods, there is one simple trick you can try, and that is reviewing your sock drawer.

Ensure that the number of pairs of socks that you own is sufficient to last you the whole week. It is important that you have enough socks so that you do not have to wear socks again before washing them. It is good that you compare the days you have to wear socks in a week to the number of pairs of socks you own. If you own at least one pair each day, then you are ready to go. The next thing is to make sure that you wash the socks when the week is over, so you are ready to put them one again for the coming week. Putting on a pair of socks at least once will be sure to expose them to a number of bacteria. When you put them on again without washing, then the moisture will revive the bacterial growth.

Ensure that most of the socks you own are made of either cotton or wool. Not all socks are made to absorb moisture, and you need to understand the socks that are best for this. Wool and cotton materials are breathable and therefore will not only absorb the sweat from your feet but will also ensure that the environment for your feet is cool. With the nylon and polyester materials, you are sure to get durable socks, but they will not absorb any moisture from your feet.

You also need to have a variety of socks so that you will not have to skip wearing socks for the sake of fashion. There is a broad assortment of socks you can find in the market and therefore you do not have to settle for not being comfortable or fashionable. There are so many socks that will fit the fashion agenda you have and also one for every occasion.

The next thing to do after you have found good socks, is to make sure they are well preserved. Your socks are best washed by hand, or you can wash them on a gentle cycle if you cannot find the time to do this. You should also make sure that your socks are kept away from chemicals. You should also not use a dyer to dry the socks.

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