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November 24, 2017

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How a California Employment Lawyer Helps Protect Employee Rights

Maybe California is your birth place or you’re an immigrant, but in all cases, your employment rights are enshrined in law. But that does not mean you won’t encounter violations of your employment rights, in which case, you should consult a lawyer for help. Legal recourse is possible in numerous cases of employment rights breach, for instance underpaid workers, hazardous workplace conditions, and protection of new immigrant’s labor rights.

Here are major employment infringements for which you may need a Glendale lawyer’s representation:

Minimum Wage Violations

The minimum wage in California effective January 1, 2017 is 10.5 bucks per hour. Should an employ violate the law and not pay a worker the stipulated minimum wage, they have to compensate the worker in liquidated damages besides other current penalties. These damages are actually compensation for a form of harm or inconvenience to a worker following their employer’s refusal to pay the minimum wage.

Unsafe Work Conditions

The safety of employees is the legal mandate of the employer. As such, an employer needs to put in place reasonable measures, including training and equipment that secure their staff at the workplace. When your company neglects their responsibility, resulting to your being injured, you can claim worker’s compensation and much more. Feel free to let an employment lawyer assess the situation because the employer may have to pay you compensatory and punitive damages also.

Rights for Immigrant Employees

California has labor laws that make it illegal for an employer to report a worker’s immigration status (or threaten to) to the immigration authorities. For example, if you complain to your employer about not receiving the minimum wage while you’re not a document immigrant, they may not report or threaten to report you to authorities to intimidate you into accepting poor pay. Any employer that violates the specific California labor laws regarding unfair immigration-related practices may have to pay up to $10,000 in civil penalties per worker for each violation.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

You cannot be treated unfairly by your employer in California based on your race, gender, sexual orientation, among other tributes, labor laws dictate. There are also laws to protect whistleblowers in the state. Therefore, you can disclose any breach of local rules on the part of your employer and not be punished for it. A worker who reveals an unlawful activity they think is going on are safe under the whistleblower protections.

You can count on an employment attorney to help you out any of the possible workplace problems in California. Let the lawyer resolve your minimum wage complaint, risky work conditions, and discrimination against immigrant workers.

If your employer is in a way violating your employee rights, consult a California employment attorney for assistance.

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