Tips on How to Answer Your Interviewer’s Question

October 9, 2017

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Sometimes, despite your skills, qualifications and level of experience, your nerves can get the better of you during an interview and, as a result, sabotage your chances of landing a job. The secret to impressing your potential future employer lies in the preparation that you do beforehand, as well as the answers that you give to the questions that he or she asks you. Below are some tips to keep in mind when answering these all-important interview questions.

Steer Clear of Details That May Be Considered ‘Too Personal’

It is essential that you keep your personal life to yourself, even if a certain question seems to call for a personal response. For instance, if your interviewer asks you why you want this specific job, do not talk about the fact that you have just gone through a difficult, costly divorce. Instead, draw attention to your career ambitions and desire for growth, and how you feel you can grow alongside the company itself. Your interviewer will respect your professionalism.

Maintain a Professional Demeanour

By ensuring a good posture, minimal fidgeting and a confident tone of voice while answering your interviewer’s questions, you are sure to create a great impression. When it comes to controlling your nerves, practice makes perfect – breathe deeply and consistently and listen attentively to what the interviewer is saying instead of overwhelming yourself with your own thoughts and worries as you try to prepare an answer. After all, a natural, honest response will benefit you a lot more than one that has been rehearsed.

Think Before You Speak

Instead of blurting out the first thing that comes to mind when a question is posed to you, take a few seconds to consider your response. Also, if you do not understand a question, do not be afraid to request elaboration from your interviewer. Many interviewees are averse to doing this as they fear that the interviewer might question their intelligence or ability to do their job – however, it is much better than babbling or giving an answer that does not properly relate to the question asked.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Own Questions

An interview shouldn’t be a one-way exchange; instead, you should engage with your interviewer, asking your own relevant questions as you go. This demonstrates your interest and enthusiasm for the position advertised and also helps you to come across as both amicable and confident.

A job search is always a nerve-wracking experience. However, if you have the information and tools necessary in order to impress, the entire process certainly becomes a whole lot less daunting overall. So, before attending an important interview for a job, do your research and prepare yourself in any other way that you can. You are sure to walk into the building ready to land the job of your dreams.

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