The Newbie’s Guide to Executive Job Search

October 9, 2017

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Conducting a successful executive job search today is more complicated than having a well written resume.

Regardless of how qualified you are, the resume and LinkedIn profile should showcase the keywords relevant to your industry and the position you’re vying for.

Being visible to recruiters and HR manager on social media platforms is also very important when it comes to getting more leads in your job search.

What else is important? Let’s find out in the following;

Getting In Touch with Executive Search Consultants

For beginners in the executive job search market, this comes in the first place for obvious reasons. As professionals in the executive recruitment field and consultants businesses and HR managers look at, search consultants can help you find a job very easily.

Of course, you mustn’t repeat the mistakes made by executive candidates before you. Refrain from sending a mass email to many search consultants! Be selective in your search. Look for a recruiter or consultant who has expertise in your particular field or industry, when it comes to finding jobs.

Make Recruiter-Job Searcher Relationships Mutually Beneficial

It isn’t a good idea to forego a call from an executive search consultant, even when not looking for any opportunity. Why? You may come to rely on the professional in the future, when you’re looking for an opportunity. All it’ll take is 5-10 minutes of your time! Additionally, you can recommend or refer somebody looking for a good position in your own network, if you aren’t going to take the offer yourself.

Preparing as the Ideal Candidate

This is the step when you’ll position yourself as the ideal candidate in the eyes of recruiters. Fashioning your online brand is very important. Is your LinkedIn profile effectively written and up-to-date?

Make sure it is. Executive search consultants and potential employers are going to look at your LinkedIn profile before anything else. Get your personal brand out there by writing blogs and guest articles, taking part in TweetChats etc. This will help make you visible to the search community and to your own industry.

Aside from your LinkedIn profile, make sure your resume and cover letter is well prepared with all relevant details highlighted in the document.

Finding a job while high up in the executive level isn’t that difficult. Yet this requires thorough planning and good backing in the shape of a well presented resume.