How To Achieve Success On Negativity

October 9, 2017

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1. Set reasonable goals.

A lot of persons who observe the pessimistic side of things also be inclined to put them down because they set enormous, threatening goals that are hard to achieve, So instead of saying, “I am going to write a book this year, start with a goal of signing up for a writer’s class or completing three pages instead. The satisfaction in reaching these smaller goals will motivate you to reach the next one.

2. Turn “problems” into “challenges”

Words are very dominant, so try creating a list of unconstructive words or phrases that you use frequently and reinstate them with ones that are a bit more optimistic.” If you regularly complain of problems, for example, start referring to them as challenges instead. Eliminate the phrase “I should…” from your self-talk, too, and replace it with “I could choose to…,” While it may seem like simple semantics, the words you use every day in your self-talk can have a real effect on your attitude.

3. Reset your default answer

People who are unsurprisingly negative be inclined to use no as their initial response to new ideas and experiences and in part, they do this to acquire time while in reality making a decision, but then they end up defending the ‘no’ choice and sticking to it, even at times when they might not have.” Default instead to “I’m not sure; give me a minute,” she suggests. Then try to find a good reason to say yes before you say no.

4. Be a critical thinker, not a critical person

I have a customer who struggle with always seeing the depressing in everything, we figured out her mind was just restless as a critical thinker. She approaches everything critically, and that can be a good thing. She just had to work on reminding herself that an opportunity for improvement is not a criticism. Something can be not the way she imagined it and not be wrong.” If you’re a critical, analytical thinker, recognize that you are likely to have the critical thought first, but practice redirecting those thoughts by asking yourself, What else is also true about this situation/dilemma/person?

5. Wake up on the right side of the bed

When you first wake up, it’s simple to initiate thinking about all the substance you have to get completed that day or whine about how the kids kept you up all night. What am I excited about doing today? Who can I encourage or serve today? (Get the focus off yourself.) What am I grateful for? Thinking about all that you have and are excited about can change your outlook and attitude for the whole day.

6. Detox from Bad News

We’re not suggesting that you exist in an outlet or make-believe that trouble and disaster don’t exist, but pending you can build up some immunity to the lack of enthusiasm that the evening news can deliver, take a break from it. If it’s Facebook that’s getting you down (Why does everyone else look so darn happy? Why is everyone posting articles I don’t agree with?), suspend your account. Resist the urge to read the terrible details of the latest crash or kidnapping.

7. Drop Your Distortions

There are unhelpful things in the world, some “sky-is-gray” people are cynical of focusing on the optimistic in fear of being “delusional” and not seeing those very real negatives. But we all have cognitive thinking distortions that can alter our perceptions of reality, she says, perhaps causing the negatives to appear fun-house-mirror large. A few common distortions include mindreading, when you assume you know what others think (someone asks you to lunch, for example, and you assume it’s because he feels bad for you);

If you believe that you are going to be unsuccessful, you will automatically disrupt every occasion to succeed so follow above listed tips to Achieve Success On Negativity.